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Microdermabrasion with corundum crystals, face:

  Benefits  : deep abrasion.

  Patented Turbo Flow projection system  ;  abrasion perfectly  safe and homogeneous, without risk of irritation or discomfort, even on the areas  sensitive such as dark circles under the eyes or blotchy areas.

  Powerful and silent motor: high and constant propulsion speed of the crystals.

  Instant computerized calibration: no loss of time

  40 pre-programmed settings: care suitable for all skin types.

  Disposable corundum cartridges: quick and easy replacement of crystal containers while preventing damage and  risk of contamination.

• Specialized disposable tips: precise care for the face, body, stretch marks and scars.


Abrasion without crystals, body:
Without crystals (Crystal Free option)



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