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Health is the natural state of human beings. It is the sign of the normal functioning of all parts of the body and the sign of a healthy and harmonious relationship between the body and its environment.

Long ago, herbal therapy, as old as the world, was an honorable science to which all turned when health was threatened. Then, little by little, this science was replaced by a more orthodox therapy. Feeling comfortable in this new orientation, we gradually relied on this new practice.

Today, this system is no longer sufficient for the task. It is therefore up to us to find our natural parameters and reconcile the two practices. For this, knowledge of the functioning of our being is necessary. It goes without saying that any therapeutic approach must be based on the balance between the different spheres that make up the human being: body, mind, subconscious, etc.

The philosophy of herbal medicine, which mainly takes care of the bodily aspect of the being, is oriented first towards the acquisition of good habits of life, then towards the detoxification of the organism with the help of plants. medicinal, on the regeneration and maintenance of the various systems of the human body.

It is with this in mind that the “Practitioner in Naturophatic Care” was born. This practice is aimed at a clientele wishing to take charge of their health and that of their family.

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