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Products  DERM ACT  of the Scientific Academy of Beauty are halfway between

dermatology and cosmetology. These are expert treatments as an alternative to  cosmetic surgery with super powerful active ingredients, real concentrates of technology. They have been designed to meet the

following skin problems:




Sagging skin


Wrinkles and fine lines


Oxidative stress


Skin blemishes


pigment spots


Skin intolerance



  in “ shock treatment


for severe malfunctions

Peeling  for a  fresh face  and rejuvenated


This aesthetic treatment, highly prized, will eliminate  upper layers of the epidermis  by doing their  dissolution. The treatment is done in several sessions, sufficiently spaced out to allow time for the skin to regenerate.

The superficial peel allows  to lighten the complexion,  tighten pores,  reduce wrinkles  and  pigment spots.

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