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Financial health

As some already know, I will soon be finishing my internship in financial services as a financial security advisor.


Why am I going for this profession anymore? What is the connection with  aesthetics? You are certainly asking yourself many of these questions and with good reason.  

Health encompasses many things in our present lives, physical, psychological, emotional and  financial. With my years of experience at  rubbing shoulders with all kinds of people from different backgrounds, I can conclude that everything is connected. If physical health fails us, the other spheres will certainly be affected. In 2020, the financial health is more and more the test of all, the cost of food is rising visibly, the cost of rents and all  services is also increasing, but how do you get there with all that? If you are  among  lucky people to have received from your parents a financial education that has helped you since the beginning of your adult life, you are  wonderfully  more advanced than most people today. If you are among the least fortunate to live payday to payday, times are tougher and your future is not  obviously  not insured. But don't panic, fortunately there are easy solutions and  strategies that can be put in place for you!

COVID-19 is upon us and NO it's not a cakewalk but it's the best time to do some introspection and review our financial habits.

To be forced to work so much, simply because one consumes too many harmful financial products.

Take this time to review your life insurance needs (if I die will my family experience a crisis?).

Review a debt reduction strategy (work so hard so that there is so little left) and save in order to have an emergency fund (because we never know the unexpected) and save for our retirement (because if 2-3 weeks it's a long time imagine 20-30 years) We must no longer live in denial and believe that everything is done alone, we must take charge and accept to become financially educated.

To get through crises yes, but also to pass on to our young people something other than bad habits, debt and financial slavery.  

This is why, as part of my internship, I offer you consultations in financial needs analysis. What is that? It's an analysis that gives you a picture of your current financial life, we can then build personalized strategies to find ways to pay less and make more money for your future!  

How much does it cost? IT'S FREE!  Why not take advantage of this moment of  lockdown to finally review and readjust your finances! It is even possible to meet by  web cam!  

Don't risk being in situations of financial stress and thus affect the rest of your life!  

Private consultation, very professional and according to the rules of the Autorité des marchés financiers!  

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