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Reiki, what is it?

Reiki is a natural and powerful technique of Japanese origin, based on the transmission of energy by laying on of hands. In Japanese, REI means "spirit" while KI means "vital energy" present in every human being. This incredible method can relieve both physical and psychological suffering.


The benefits of Reiki

Reiki leads to very deep relaxation. Whether physical or psychological, the Reiki energy will act.


On the physical level:

  • Brings relaxation, well-being, joy of living

  • Releases psychological tension from stress and negative emotions

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Improves concentration and memory

  • Improved sleep Strengthened and accelerated physical healing

  • Heals weight problems, headaches and stomach

  • Fights fatigue and malaise


On a psychological level:

  • Improves all relationships with those around you and the environment,

  • Participate in personal development

  • Awakens innate or acquired talents

  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem

  • (Re) Discovery of calm and peace

How does a session take place?  

Dressed, lying on a table, live an ever-renewed experience of Reiki energy. Reiki is in no way a massage, we do not manipulate. The treatment will stimulate your perceptions at all levels of your being (emotional, spiritual, visual and physical).

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